Just bawled my eyes out watching this. Please SHARE this video to your page, regardless of wether you approve of homosexuality or not. This makes every argument about religion or personal beliefs just white noise to me.

It should be a basic human right to love another and to have a committed loving partnership recognised by the government! Ask yourself how you would feel if this happened to YOU….and YOU were powerless after the person YOU love died.

Its just absolutely heartbreaking…to be made to feel completely insignificant. When that person IS your family. They are your everything…then all of a sudden you are nothing. Its not fair. It’s not ok.  Your sexual preference shouldn’t get in the way of a basic human right. I hate that a man and a woman are free to get married to whoever they choose how ever many times they choose - sometimes when they don’t even love each other and have no intent to stay together. People get married for residency or for money…all sorts of reasons other than LOVE. Because they always know that divorce is an option. Yet two people that just happen to be of the same sex aren’t allowed even though they love each other with their everything. I’VE been married and KNEW when I was doing it that something wasn’t right but I just didn’t know how to get out of it…….THAT isn’t fair.

Equal Love. Equal Rights.

If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, you know how heartbreaking it is. Just imagine that if the love of your life dies, and you becoming absolutely powerless, and according to the law, you are insignificant in their life, just because you are both of the same gender. This has nothing to do with religion, or your personal feelings on homosexuality, this has to do with two people loving each other just like you might love your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Please watch this video and reblog it to your followers. It’s sick that this is still happening in such a modern society. 

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    Everyone should have the right to love in peace.
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