If you're interested, here is my personal blog. :)
Anonymous asked: It's kind of frustrating how up yourself you are. I congratulate you on having such a popular blog and going to NY fashion week is an amazing experience. But seriously, bring your head back down to earth having a lot of followers doesn't make you the shit. Represent Australians to be the down to earth people that they're known to be. It's not even that you're overtly snobby, just the way you answer questions - I get the vibe that you think you're god's gift to earth.

I don’t think I’m god’s gift to Earth at all. I am very thankful for my followers. Anyone who actually knows me will tell you that I am very down to Earth and polite. The way that you judge my character simply on how I answer questions, when there’s no way you can see my expression or hear my tone of voice just shows how quick you are to judge others that you don’t even personally know. Sit down, anon.